Letter From The Partner
Dear Esteemed Patron,
January 1, 2012

Welcome to Our website. Let me express my sincere gratitude for visiting us. I am confident you would appreciate the purpose and motto behind our organization once you travel with us patiently all through, till the end.

Please allow me to introduce myself first. I have been engaged in the International Trading Business for over 13 years and have managed successfully companies not only in India but also in the USA and the Middle East during this period.

While in Scandinavia in 2003, I got an excellent opportunity to learn about the “Green Fuel Manufacturing” technology from an experienced client. We later used this technology to set up plants in East Asia. Since then, this has become my passion. Over the years I have sold substantial quantities of Green Boiler Fuels from East Asia to clients in West Europe and Scandinavia.

Throughout this period, I have been keen to establish a manufacturing base in India. The biomass briquetting business has picked up and ramified in the last one decade in India as there are little entry barriers. During last seven years, I have observed a large number of briquetting enterprises starting in India but most of them shut down within the first few years of operations.  What could possibly be the reason behind this? To my mind, such units are not able source the needed raw material, the biomass, on a sustained basis. Most of these manufacturers rely upon external sources of biomass where the prices and the availability fluctuate erratically. As such, sooner or later, the business succumbs to such vagaries. It is not uncommon to find briquetting plants in India adding things like mud, sand even dung to their briquettes to increase the weight and compensate the rising cost of the biomass.  Needless to say that such unscrupulous practice cannot support the business for long.

Another reason why most of the plants cannot go far is because they are not organized and professional in their approach and work on a small scale with a production capacity of not more than a few hundred tons a month. This is not good enough to cater to the requirement of even one big user. Hence such manufacturers cannot sign term-supply- contracts and this makes it unviable for the organized sector to switch to these fuels.

After travelling throughout the length and breadth of the country, I have finally zeroed in on this location, where together with my partners who have been in the biomass business for over a decade, set up the unit in the name and style of “KGN Renewables”.

We manufacture and supply premium quality briquettes of assured quality under long term contracts.  We are in a convenient position to supply more than 5,000 Tons of Sawdust Briquettes per month.

We want to revolutionize the Green Boiler Fuel business in India with the unflinching support of patrons like you in our endeavour.

Let us Go Green and Go ahead!
Thanks & God Bless ,
For K.G.N. Renewables,

Razi Zaheer
Managing Partner