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India has now joined the group of fastest growing economies of the world. It has successfully braved the recent recession which loomed large over the entire globe and adversely affected western countries including the U.S. But India escaped unscathed. Thanks to our manufacturing sectors which more than met the rising internal demand of goods.

A big proportion of these industries need conventional fuels like Coal, Oil or Wood. These fuels on burning emit and add carbon to our already vitiated and polluted air. As it has been proven in not so distant past, that if bold steps were not taken forthwith, it might lead to Irreversible Climate Change which, in turn, put the very future of our planet at stake. Need of the time is CDM [Clean Development Measures] which not only contains the release of carbon into the atmosphere but also sequesters that which is already there. Our current private endeavours is one such small step toward achieving these tasks and thus contribute our might in translating government policies and action plans into practice.

"KGN Renewables" was set up in the last quarter of 2010 with an aim to become one of the leading manufacturers of Biomass Briquettes in India. The partners of the company were engaged in the biomass industry for more than a decade before starting this venture.

We are manufacturing Biomass Briquettes which are Green Boiler fuels manufactured from waste biomass like sawdust, agriculture wastes etc. We have been in the business of biomass for well over a decade now and have assured in-house-supplies of the required Biomass. Our manufacturing plant is located at a strategic location in one of the fastest growing States of the country, where we get uninterrupted power supply and quick connectivity by excellent, road, rail & sea port.

As unscientifically planned industries are one of the largest sources of pollution, we believe our Green boiler fuels, which replace the conventional fuels, can go a long way in saving our Environment. These fuels are carbon neutral and thus, on burning; do not add any pollutant to the environment.

Besides being eco-friendly, these fuels also make economic sense as they are much cheaper than the conventional fuels, more so, when the user of our green fuels can earn carbon credits for replacing the conventional fuels.

We, as one of the biggest economies of the world and one of the future leaders, are committed to achieve the pole position in the Renewable energy sector as well. Our government has already announced Bold and Impressive Policy Measures in this regard, and the results are showing.

We believe that we can make India the world leader in the field of renewable energy in not too distant future and, in the process, help grow financially.
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